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Carbon Bike Repair

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Carbon Bike Repair

can carbon fiber be repaired?

Yes! Time and again we encounter the myth that carbon fiber, once broken, is done for good. One of the reasons carbon is so incredible is because it can be repaired unlike any other bike frame material. The repair will always be as strong as stock, even stronger.

This is why we guarantee our repairs for as long as you own the bike.


A full frame inspection is the first step in all of our bike repairs. We examine each compromised area to assess the full extend of damage to the underlying carbon. Only then can we decide on the best course of action and provide an estimate of cost. This is included within the price of every repair.

If you require a full frame inspection without repair, we can provide this service for $50.


*Turnaround time is two weeks or less without rush service.



Combat Repair - $300

Our most straightforward repair with a faster turnaround time. This repair is as strong as any other, just without the finishing paintwork. You will see a raw carbon lamination, with a protective resin coating. Not pretty, but gets the job done.

Before After Seatstay.jpg

Basic Repair - $500

Our most popular option. Carbon repair including a simple paint job. One colour match with a protective clear coat finish. No logos, lettering, or graphics restored. See below for more extensive paintwork.

If multiple repairs are necessary on the same frame, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc, repairs are all half price.

For example, a bike with three repairs would cost:
$500 - First Repair
$250 - Second Repair
$250 - Third Repair
$1000 - Total


Restore & Repair - $500+

Includes carbon repair with restoration of full colour logos, lettering, and graphics, with a protective clear coat finish.

Here is a breakdown of our restoration pricing:

Carbon repair including one colour: $500
Additional colours: $50 ea.
Logos, lettering, graphics: $100 ea.
Custom made designs: $100+

As every restoration is unique, an exact cost estimate can only be determined once we assess the bike frame. Please inquire.

Rush Service - $200

For those who need to get back on the pedals ASAP. Guaranteed four business day turnaround if the bike frame is received before Tuesday, 10am.


Wheels - $150


We also repair carbon rims & wheels of all types. Akin to our combat repairs, you will see a raw carbon lamination with a protective resin coating.

Due to the thin construction of these wheels, we must build up enough carbon to ensure the safety of the repair. This results in a raised lamination which may be felt if placed on a brake track.

Unlike our frame repairs, we do not provide a lifetime guarantee for wheels, although hundreds have been repaired without issue.


The extent and location of damage may affect the aforementioned prices; these costs represent the average repair.

We cannot guarantee a “perfect” colour match in our repair paintwork. Factory colour codes are impossible to acquire, therefore we mix our own paint to achieve the closest possible match. Although we are very good at this, you cannot expect an exact “back-to-stock” finish.

Book Your Repair

  1. Email

    Include photos of the damaged frame, the repair option you think best suits your needs, and a phone number we can reach you by.
    You will receive an estimated repair cost and timeline typically within 48 hours.

  2. Fill Out the Bike Repair Form

    Upon receiving a reply from us, fill out the Bike Repair Form and include it with the frame you ship to us, or bring it with you when dropping off the frame in person. Having all the information complete and accurate on the form will speed up the final repair time.

  3. Prepare Your Frame for Repair

    Once you have carefully read through and filled out our Bike Repair Form, you must strip down your frame completely. This means that all parts are taken off the bike (ie. cranks, derailleurs, cables/housing, cable stops, wheels, etc) so that nothing interferes with our repair. Below is an example of what we want to see.

    If you cannot bring us a stripped down frame and have not contacted a bike shop to do so, we are able to disassemble and reassemble your bicycle for a $100 fee. This does not include a bike tune, we will simply put the parts back on your frame.


4. Send us your frame


All drop-offs at the shop are preferred before noon, unless you have previously contacted us to make an appointment. Ensure your frame is properly stripped down and the Bike Repair Form is attached.


Securely pack up and send us your frame. Ensure your frame is properly stripped down and the Bike Repair Form is attached either to your bike or the inside of the box. For complete info on packaging and shipping frame, please see Shipping Info.


Once all repairs are complete we will notify you and send a final invoice (including shipping costs if applicable).

We kindly ask that you remit payment at your earliest convenience. We accept cash, credit, debit and also Interac e-transfers or cheques.

Still Have Questions?

Try checking the Frequently Asked Questions section before contacting us directly.


Looking for Some Examples?

Take a look at our gallery of carbon bike repairs.