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Q: Can carbon fiber be repaired?

A: Yes! Time and again we encounter the myth that carbon fiber, once broken, is done for good. One of the reasons carbon is so incredible is because it can be repaired and augmented unlike any other bike frame material. The repair will always be as strong as stock, even stronger.

Q: How do I prepare my bike frame for carbon repair?

A: Once you have carefully read through and filled out our Bike Repair Form, you must strip down your frame completely. This means that all parts are taken off the bike (ie. cranks, derailleurs, cables/housing, cable stops, wheels, etc) so that nothing interferes with our repair. Whatever the repair item is, make sure we simply receive that item. For example, if you are repairing a mountain bike rear triangle, disassemble all the suspension linkage, remove it from the frame, and just send us the rear triangle. If you don’t want to do this yourself, please send your bicycle to a local bike shop to be stripped down for you.

Q: Do I drop my bike off at my local bike shop or at your shop?

A: If you have stripped your frame down completely, you can deliver your frame to our shop directly. If you need your frame to be stripped down for you, please contact a local bike shop. Once the frame has been stripped you can deliver to our shop directly or arrange for the bike shop to send it to us. Please note our drop off times.

Q: When can I drop my frame off?

A: Frame drop off times are from Monday to Friday, 7am until noon, unless an appointment has been made via email or phone.

A: Our repairs have an average turnaround time of two weeks or less. If you require a faster repair we guarantee a four business day turnaround for a $200 rush service fee. Granted we receive the frame before 10am on Tuesday, a rush service will have your frame ready by Friday at noon.

Q: What is the turnaround time for your repairs?

A: Although we do our own paint work for repairs, we do not paint full frames. We recommend contacting Toxik Design Lab for these inquiries.

Q: Do you paint full frames?

A: We accept cash, debit, Visa & Mastercard. We also accept Interac e-transfer and cheque. For these forms of payment please contact us at

Q: How can I pay for my frame?

A: Yes, any frames that come in for repair are thoroughly investigated for other cracks, fractures, or areas of concern free of charge. If you require an inspection without a repair, we charge a $50 inspection fee.

Q: Is a frame inspection included in my repair?

A: Absolutely, any repairs following the first are half price. For example, a frame with two repair areas would cost $500 for the first, and $250 for the second, for a total of $750.

Q: Is there a discount if my frame requires multiple repairs?

A: No! We like to ride our bikes too!

Q: Are you open over the weekend?

A: We are able to ship worldwide. All shipping fees are included within the repair invoice.

Q: Do you ship domestically, to the United States, or internationally?

A: Junior racers are the competitive cycling future! We want to help out as much as we can. Send a picture or video of the junior racer riding in their team kit to and we can discuss discounted repairs.

Q: Do you offer a discount to junior racers?

A: If you cannot bring us a stripped down frame and have not contacted a local bike shop to do so, we are able to disassemble and reassemble your bicycle for a $100 fee. This does not include a bike tune, we will simply put your parts back on your frame.

Q: Do you disassemble and reassemble frames? Does this include a bike tune?

A: We can repair all types of carbon bicycle frames, from road to mountain and track to triathlon.  

Q: What type of bikes can you repair?

A: For all inquiries please contact

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