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Shipping Info

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Shipping Information

Roberts Composites

993 3rd Street West
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1E4

1. Acquire a bike box from a local bike shop that you can ship your frame in.

2. Strip down your frame completely. This means that all parts are taken off the bike (ie. cranks, derailleurs, cables/housing, cable stops, wheels, etc) so that nothing interferes with our repair. Whatever the repair item is, make sure we simply receive that item. For example, if you are repairing a mountain bike rear triangle, disassemble all the suspension linkage, remove it from the frame, and just send us the rear triangle.

3. Completely protect frame areas with foam tubing, the more the better. We recommend you put in rear dropout chainstay supports and fork supports. Bike shops typically have these along with packing foam. This protective material will be reused to send the frame back to you.

4. Pack the frame tightly in the box to allow minimal movement.

5. VERY IMPORTANT – Enclose the filled out Bike Repair Form in the box attached to the bike frame. The Bike Repair Form needs to be completely filled out. If you need further information to do so, see the Carbon Bike Repair page or contact us directly. Tape box up well.

6. On the outside of the bike box, clearly write your senders address and the Roberts Composites address located on this page.

7. Contact a courier company and ship directly to our address:

993 3rd Street West
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1E4

International customers, make sure to write "This Item is Being Sent for Repair."

8. Once repairs are complete, you will be sent an invoice via email, and we will ship your frame back to the shipping address you filled out in the Bike Repair Form. We use the most economic option available, unless you have requested an express shipment. The shipping fees will be included in your final invoice.

Repair turnaround estimates do not include shipping times.

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